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As an association CEO, I know how challenging it can be to align staff resources and manage a collaborative culture day in and day out. I’ve used the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment to guide me in this process. Could you use help in any of these areas:

Are staff/volunteers not achieving the desired results? With PI, I will aid you in understanding the underlying behaviors of the individual.  This understanding of their strengths and where challenges can occur to be able to generate development plans to achieve both individual and organizational goals. 

Are team dynamics just not meeting the expected outcomes? From departmental teams to cross-functional teams, I will use PI to assist in understanding team behaviors and how to support them for success.

Are your staff that supervises others, challenged with this role? I will use the information from the PI assessment to develop a coaching plan for supervisors. We will work through the combination of behaviors between the supervisor and employee to identify how to apply the information for successful relationships.

Are you challenged with identifying and maintaining individuals in roles? By aligning a candidate or current employee’s PI against the behaviors needed in a specific position, will provide insight on hiring, coaching, and direction needed for success. 

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The PI® Methodology: A Powerful Combination of Education, Consulting & Assessment.

The Predictive Index® assessment gives your team a common language.  It offers a new understanding of what makes people work and gives you valuable insights about how to motivate performance. It helps you hire and retain talented people while enabling you to build on the strengths of your current employees.

PI® is designed differently than many behavioral assessments. It's intended for use by managers in the workplace. It’s quick, easy to administer and provides results within a few minutes.


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