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Here's to 2019! From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Welcome to my new professional blog. As I reflect on 2018 and all that has happened, I realized that what I’ve done most within the association industry is share my experiences on implementing various initiatives. I believe one of the best things that we can do within our industry is to share our successes and failures to better ourselves and our association.

As I look to 2019, I want to continue that practice of sharing knowledge and information as I attempt it in my professional life. One way to share that knowledge is going to be through this blog. I plan to talk on various topics of interest that come up or that I’ve spoken on, I’m reading a new professional book a month and will be sharing what I’m putting into practice, and how my membership in Vistage is helping me to grow as a CEO.

I will continue to speak at various industry events over the course of the year and will be putting in a similar focus on sharing how to actively implement ideas that we encounter for the betterment of the members, industries, and associations that they serve. I hope that you will follow and engage with me on this journey and that you find the information to be valuable. So here is to 2019 as we take ourselves and our association from ordinary to extraordinary! #tmsolutions

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